Thursday, September 3, 2009

Word of the Week Thursday

Today's word is from a book I brought home with me from New York. The word is:


As a verb, 'mizzle' means: To rain in fine, mist-like droplets; to drizzle. OR, to confuse or muddle.
As a noun: A mist-like rain; a drizzling rain.
In British slang, it can also mean: To make a sudden departure.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

At the end of summer...

I was going to take a bit of a blog break after our New York television adventures and my need to focus, focus, focus, and write, write, write...

Then I met someone new, fell in love, and had to post a picture, even though the story ends (or begins, actually) in tragedy... or the inevitable.

This guy practically fell on my head when I got home today, choosing the top of my screen door as the best place to go to die. As I said, tragic. Or, just the inevitable result of the end of summer (which is far less tragic for those of us who like cooler temperatures and a bit of wind and rain).

The new book, SCUMBLE, will have a few dragonflies in it, so, this is me, pretending that I have Uncle Autry's savvy for a moment, before putting this guy back outdoors.