Thursday, May 29, 2008

Savvy Audio Book Downloads

The audio book of Savvy comes out July 31st on CD, but the book is already available for download through, iTunes, Amazon, etc.

The book is read by Lily Blau and is unabridged, with a length of 377 minutes.

Those who like to listen to a book should check it out!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Contest Winner

Jill E. from Iowa is the winner of the drawing for the signed copy of Savvy. Yay, Jill!

Thanks to Jill and everyone else who entered the contest. Below you'll find the silliest video footage of the contest drawing, performed with a bit of help from my daughter (if you can get it to buffer and actually play). See Jill's name pulled from the Big Jar!

Happy reading!!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Celebrating with Friends

I had a wonderful party with my dear friends and co-workers today! They helped me celebrate the publication of SAVVY with pizza, salad, and cake.

My co-workers were with me step by step this last year as I finished the book, found representation, and signed contracts. They put up with me as I took time off to finish my edits, checked my email endlessly, and walked on clouds for months.

It felt so good to be able to celebrate with them at lunchtime, and to sign the many, many books they were so gracious to buy from booksellers beforehand.

Thank you to my County family! It was good to see you all!


Prince Caspian

My daughter and I were invited to attend a private screening of Prince Caspian last night! It was a two hour drive both there and back, but we talked about the film almost the entire way home, even though it was way past our normal bedtime.

There is a lot to keep up with and think about in this movie, but I found that I was completely captured by both the actors and the production elements of the film. I loved the costumes (especially Susan's armor), the choreography of the battle/fight scenes, the musical score, the CGI characters (Trufflehunter and Reepicheep especially), and the TREES, the trees were amazing. I also loved the change in Edmund from the first film to the second, and found the struggle between Caspian and Peter intriguing.

The film was both entertaining, thought provoking, and overwhelming, with an epic quality to it that reminded me keenly throughout of the relationship between Lewis and Tolkien. It had beautiful landscapes and cinematic shots. Both my daughter and I felt like we should see it again to be able to take it all in and digest it properly. This film gives viewers many things to think about and to discuss with their kids: character motivation, film adaptations of books, and even reactions to the themes from both religious and secular points of view.

Prince Caspian comes to theaters this Friday, May 16th.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Reader's Cove

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of signing copies of Savvy at The Reader's Cove Bookstore in Fort Collins, Colorado.

I met great kids and adults alike, and enjoyed meeting and talking to everyone who stopped by.

The Reader's Cove is a wonderful bookstore, with a terrific staff! Thanks Charles and Jennifer and everyone else who made me feel so welcome!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Fun in New Mexico

I finally got to meet my wonderful editor from Dial Books for Young Readers, Alisha Niehaus. Alisha was in New Mexico for a conference, so I drove down from Colorado so that we could celebrate the publication of Savvy together!

While in New Mexico, we stopped at a fun, unusual spot called Tinker Town. We had a great time visiting this little, very unique museum just outside of Albuquerque.

After working so hard with Alisha through email and over the phone while editing Savvy last year, it was great to meet and play!

Here's a small taste of what you'll see (and hear) at Tinker Town:


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Launch Day

It's finally here! Savvy is officially for sale and on the shelves. It's a wonderful feeling: A total mix of giddy happiness and quiet contentment.

Check out the new official Savvy book website at: - It's beautiful AND it has an exclusive story that tells the origins of the Savvy mythology, available only at this site!

The latest good review was forwarded my way this morning. This one from Shelf Awareness:

"This first novel is pure fun--yet not without its bittersweet moments... Although the author deals with supernatural powers, she keeps the emotions and main events real. She demonstrates to readers that there are no quick fixes; the solutions come from perseverance and the most instinctive and heartfelt impulses."

If you haven't entered the contest yet for the signed copy of Savvy, be sure to read my last blog post for details!

Meanwhile, Happy Reading! And many thanks to everyone who has given me such love and support throughout the last year.